Meet Our Coaches


Anastasia Krivosheeva

Rebirthing Breathwork coach, Lifestyle coaching, Intuitive psychology guide


Klodiana Gjenerali

Rebirthing Breathwork Guide, Life coach, Self - development Trainer, Intuitive Psychology guide

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Private session: private sessions are high quality personalized sessions lasting up to 2 hours tailored individually for specific needs of each client, providing most positive transformational experience. (please contact [email protected] for rates and reservations, including online sesissions)

Private one-on-one couples sessions: these are sessions for couples looking for higher understanding, connection and bonding with each other (please contact [email protected] for rates and reservations, including online sesissions)

Small groups: sessions in small groups will be focused on conscious breathing experience, providing relief from daily routine stresses, bringing balance to our daily life

Rebirthing kids: sessions with children are mostly focused on understanding the needs of the child and learning to practice breathing exercises

Corporate workshops: Corporate workshops serve to increase work efficiency in corporate environment and will be based on introduction of breathing techniques and exercises for multiple situations. As a result corporate client will receive more positive and cooperative relationships within workspace,  team spirit improvement resulting in higher productivity of the company. (More information on request, Reservations needed)