What happens during a Rebirthing session?

Rebirthing breathwork predominant characteristic is simplicity. Long and careful attention to the relaxed breath will reveal a many layered pattern of inhibitions and exposes our unconscious patterns of defense against pleasure and aliveness. When these are noticed (no longer unconscious) we can neutralize and integrate these patterns of past-time tension by breathing through them with present awareness of safety.  A rebirthing session is divided in three parts i) consulting;  ii) rebirthing therapy; iii) Integration

During the first part a talk takes place between the client and the rebirther during which the client can explain main issues concerning him/her, events that have affected their life or any thing that considers important to bring into the conversation. This can happen with the consent and will of the client but, even if this part is skipped

The second part is the rebirthing therapy taking place. It starts with lying down, relaxing and breathing.  The rebirther guides the clients to lie down and to properly conduct the circular, connected breath and eliminate possible breathing deviation that may appear. This is the most profound and healing  part of the session.

The session goes on for about one hour (maybe more in the first sessions) during which the breathing mechanism and blockages in the system are opened. ‘The subtle form of vibrational energy permeates every cell and clears out the negative charge in the cellular memory of the body – which has in store every experience a person has ever had since conception and in many cases even before’.

Every person has a different experience and every rebirth is different.

Third part When the breather has completed the energy cycle the rebirther allows them to integrate what they have understood for a few minutes and “recover” from the experience. By rebirthing at regular intervals we are able to maintain this loving feeling everyday of our lives as well as increase our spiritual connection with the universe, creating a flow of abundance into our lives.

The third part of the session involves the breather discussing his experience with the rebirther. The rebirther may then give the breather an affirmation to work with or some exercises to do at home to help them begin to manifest their life situation as they would like it to be.