What is Rebirthing breathwork therapy?

Make breathing work for you!

Rebirthing breathwork is a method  which uses conscious connected breath to heal and improve wellness of body mind and emotions. Conscious connected breathing means breathing through the mouth or nose in a circular motion without pausing between the inhale and the exhale. It creates an energy flow in the body which helps release negative emotions and surpressed feelings stored in the body and subconscious. It also helps to achieve a status of clarity, feeling of bliss, peace and liberation.

Ae Freud defined, our unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and cellular memories that reside outside of our conscious awareness. The unconscious holds unacceptable and un pleasant feelings and experiences such as feelings of pain, anxiety, embarrassment  and conflict because they are too threatening.

We think we avoid unconscious but it strings us like puppets we don’t even know it.

The breathing technique allows to enter past painful experiences that lead to depression, relationship difficulties and low self esteem  in a faster way than by “talk therapy” alone and go through them in a safe, protected therapeutic situation so as to free self of these blockages. The therapy is called rebirthing because some clients experience something similar to their birth experience during the treatment.

Rebirthing Breathwork is the First step to a conscious approach to life  and deep transformation. It is healing at all levels – spiritual, psychological and emotional and an important tool for self – development. I helps us integrate our feelings and live in balance with our self and our environment.

Rebirthing is a method invented and perfected by Leonard Orr which when mastered leads to a joyful,  balanced, aboundant life and clarity.