Why have a rebirthing session?

Make breathing work for you!

While freeing up your breath, you stop identifying yourself with your unconscious self-imposed limitations.   You are capable physically, emotionally, and mentally to choose new and positive beliefs.  Supportive, fresh and lively choices can be made.  Your reconnect with your aliveness, and your inspiration.

Your heart’s desires become achievable as you widen your view of what you see possible for you and for your life.

What you come away with Rebirthing Benefits

  • An entirely new perspective on your own life
  • It facilitates clarity about life and goals.
  • It addresses your whole life experience.
  • higher self – esteem, greater success and more happiness
  • Improved communication, relationships and leadership
  • Increased confidence, awareness and self esteem
  • A fundamental shift in your outlook and conscience
  • Better experience of emotions


  • Release stress and tension and help
  • It rejuvenates your organs and cells
  • It helps us to deal with core psychological issues.
  • It helps release toxic emotions like anger, embarrassment, guilt and resentment
  • Bring deep relaxation and inner peace
  • It cures depression.
  • It is a tool to help in eliminating obsessions, phobias, depression, anxiety and compulsions.
    • It eliminates addictions and compulsions.
    • Eliminate toxins and stress and boost the immune system
    • Replace worries and fears with love and joy
    • Ease public speaking

Other benefits

  • It facilitates a shift in your consciousness.
  • It promotes self worth.
  • It brings you into harmony with yourself and your surroundings.
  • It clears past events which have been stored in the cellular memory of your body.
    • It helps to clear the negative charge from suppressed traumatic events.
    • helps you to stay in the present moment.
    • Helps to access your subconscious mind
    • It gives you a way to change your negativity into positive or affirmative thought.
    • It teaches you to accept, understand and enjoy all of your emotions.
    • It teaches you to let go of resistance
    • It expands your passion for life.
    • It teaches you to become aware of your thoughts and understand your thinking process.
    • It brings you in touch with who you really are.
    • It allows you to integrate past beliefs, feelings and thoughts that limit your progress in life